Vintage Wrist Watches

The vintage luxury watches from Circa Watch Company of Orange, California, are original designs that have been carefully selected for reproduction based on their uniqueness, popularity, and collectability. Many of these classic designs were even made popular by early Hollywood movie stars and trendsetters, whose choices in fashion influenced an era. Their fashion sense still reigns today, with ever-popularity for their timeless and effortless style. When you own one of these Circa watches, you own a piece of rich history that simply will never go out of style.

Luxury on Your Wrist

A Circa Timepiece maintains the beauty, fine craftsmanship, and quality of the original vintage watch while offering the convenience of modern-day movement. That means style that will last through the years. With our selection of vintage watch reproductions, you no longer have to pay a collector’s price to own a piece of luxurious history! 

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