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Vintage wrist watches provide an air of elegance and sophistication. These timepieces echo vintage designs and sensibilities that are often sought after, but difficult to find. Now you can own a piece of history without paying a collector’s price. Circa vintage watches replicate the designs of yesterday with today’s precision quartz movement.

A Circa Timepiece™ is an exquisite reproduction that captures the true design and detail of an era when watches were considered small works of art. The Circa Watch Company of Orange, California, makers of Circa Timepiece™, specialize in the manufacturing of vintage revival watches from the 1920s through the 1950s. Although these watches are beautiful, they maintain the quality and design standards for reliability and durability in everyday use.

Each vintage design has been carefully selected for reproduction based on its uniqueness, popularity and collectability. Some of the designs were even made popular by early Hollywood movie stars and trend setters, whose choices in fashion influenced an era.

With vintage wrist watches becoming more difficult to find, Circa vintage watches provide an affordable alternative for all classic timepiece enthusiasts. Enjoy free shipping on all orders within the United States when you order men’s and women’s vintage watches. Browse our selection of classic watches today to find the perfect timepiece for you.

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